The Music

Tim Loftus


Need  live background music for an art show, an event at a café, or a private  party? I'll provide just the right mix of instrumentals to meet your  needs. 

I also offer a "Musical Taste of Irish Culture." Through traditional tunes, dance, stories, and slide presentations, I shed the shillelagh Irish of green beer, fake accents, and leprechauns to reveal some real Irish culture. 

Tim and Friends


Sometimes you may want more than a soloist, but not quite a full band for pub music, a cocktail hour, or for a private party. This is where a duo or trio would be perfect for your needs.

Mary and Tim: cello and flute/guitar. World music. Popular at art shows.

The Doolin Lads (John E. and Tim): vocals/guitar and flute. Irish songs and instrumentals. 

Ladd, MacLeod, and Loftus: vocals/guitar, fiddle, flute. We perform a bit of everything.

Banda Gan Ainm


Banda Gan Ainm is a high-energy band performing a mix of toe-tapping traditional jigs, reels, and popular covers. We provide great music for any gathering.  BGA is made up of vocals, guitar, flute/whistle, percussion, fiddle and bass/cello. Our venues have included breweries, pubs, cocktail hours, town common concerts, fund raisers, farmers markets, and private functions.