Let's Play!


Banda Gan Ainm

This high-energy band formed several years ago when a bunch of friends got together to play and share their love of Irish music. From toe-tapping traditional jigs and reels to our take on covers, we provide great music for any gathering.  Currently we are made up of vocals, guitar, flute/whistle, percussion, fiddle and cello. Our venues have included breweries, pubs, cocktail hours, and private parties.


On the Softer Side...

Need live background music for an art show, an event at a cafe, or a private party? I'll team up with a vocalist or another instrumentalist to provide just the right mix of music to meet your needs.


A Musical Taste of Irish Culture

Discover Irish culture during a live musical performance. Through traditional tunes, dance, stories, and slide presentations, I'll shed the shillelagh Irish of green beer, fake accents, and leprechauns to reveal some real Irish culture. 


During this performance you’ll also discover how the banjo, a traditional African instrument, became so popular in traditional Irish bands; what the connection is between the Native American Choctaws and the Irish potato famine of the 1840s; and learn about the blind Irish harpist Turlough O"Carolan's tune Si Bheag, Si Mhor, the prettiest tune ever written.