About Tim Loftus



 Tim  started playing the trumpet in his grade school days, continuing through  high school, including playing in a professional marching band, and  right up through to the college jazz band for their production of the  play Chicago. Along the way he took up the guitar extending his  musical talents to various churches and to a college bluegrass group.  While in college he taught himself to play the flute because, as he  says, “it was so much easier to hitchhike with a flute in my backpack  than to lug around a guitar.”

Currently Tim is a member of the high-energy Irish music band Banda Gan Ainm, and is part of the duo Doolin. He also performs as a soloist, bringing a traditional Irish music/culture program to libraries, assisted living centers, senior centers, and other venues. 

During the day Tim works as a  water and wastewater chemist at an advanced wastewater treatment  facility. He is also the water chemist for Forward in Health, a medical  foundation providing health services to the residents of the Fonfred  and Les Cayes areas of Haiti.

He resides in North Oxford, MA with his rosemary plant. 


In his own words...

 It  was the week of Saint Patrick's Day and I was busy with gigs on six of  the seven nights. And what did I do with my night off? I pulled out my  guitar and played music...Celtic, Spanish, modern classics, folk... It's  all great.

Whether  I am playing the flute, tenor banjo, guitar, whistle or bodhrán, I play  for the love of music. It doesn't get much simpler than that. 


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